European Towns and Cities

After 4 years in the making and 18 months from the time I started really working on putting it all together, I published a book on the Apple bookstore this weekend. The book came out on Saturday morning and what a relief and joy it was to see it out there – for everyone to read and buy. It has been a long journey and I have experimented, made mistakes, gone back to the drawing board and restarted in this process. But all said and done –  its now out there in all its glory!

The purpose of the book was to pull together the similarities in European cities spread across Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe. From Aarhus in the north to Seville in the south and Bath in the west to Prague in the east, European cities offer an unparalleled diversity in its people and its architecture. This book takes you on a photo journey through the European cities bringing out their essence and giving you a flavour of this majestic continent. I chose Black and White as the medium rather than colour photographs despite the digital medium to keep the concept simple and to really focus in on the key elements. Colour can sometimes be distracting from the theme and hides the details.

The facebook page for the book is below. Like the page, download the book and spread the word to your friends and family.

In my next article, I will explore my experience of writing and publishing a book for the digital world.


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